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Learn how to use the template builder

Set my background format transparent : Achieving a PNG OutputLearn how to create PNG images with transparent backgrounds. Perfect for versatile image integration.
Auto-resize text on your visualsAutomatically resize text in a container if it exceeds character limit. Activation steps for both layers and templates.
How does the text layer react if the text is longer when the visuals are generated?Benefit from a powerful algorithm that always places your text correctly on your visual, no matter how much text you put in
Export my generated images as a Standard PDFAdapt your campaigns for print with PDFs, the advanced plan allows you to generate PDFs.
Apply the brand preset color on a property of your layerChange element color using color picker with Brand preset colors
Adding a Logo to Your Template: Custom and Brand Preset OptionsLearn to Add Logos to Templates: Customize with Your Own Image or Choose from Brand Presets. Easy Steps for Seamless Integration!
Add a QR code componentBoost interactivity! Learn how to add QR codes for easy sharing. Customize appearance and links for seamless user experience
Locking and Unlocking LayersSecure your design! Learn how to lock and unlock layers in Template Builder, preventing accidental changes and ensuring design stability.
Apply a Full-width text backgroundElevate text visibility! Learn to add full-width backgrounds. Enhance legibility and impact with custom colors and padding.
Rotate content of your layerLearn to rotate layer content for creative designs. Easily adjust rotation angles to add variety and visual intrigue.
What is the difference between Contain and Cover image parameter?Choose the right fitting method to suit your needs. Discover multiple ways to display your images on your visuals
Add an illustration that is not an image, rating, text or shapeBe creative
Apply a background color to the format background
Aligning a layer with the format canvaobtain a design in which each layer is perfectly aligned with the canva format
Add an image from your folders or from the Unsplash library
Add a rating layeruseful for visual testimonials, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.
Apply a duotone or grayscale filter to an image
Add new format to your templateEnhance your template by adding new formats. let your template be usable for every purpose.