Add a rating layer

useful for visual testimonials, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.

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In addition to the existing features of the Template Builder,you can add a Rating layer. With this layer, you can easily incorporate ratings into your templates. Here's how it works:

Add a rating layer

  1. Rating Button: Located on the top bar of the Template Builder, you can click on the rating button to add a rating layer to your template.

  2. Default Attributes: When the rating element is added, it comes with default attributes. You can customize these attributes to suit your preferences. The available attributes for customization are:

    • Score: Set the numerical score value for the rating.

    • Background Color: Choose the background color of the rating element.

    • Filled Color: Select the color representing the filled portion of the rating.

    • Dimension: Adjust the size and dimensions of the rating element.

    • Margin: Define the space between the individual shapes within the rating element.

    • Shadow: Apply a shadow effect to the rating element, enhancing its visual appeal.

These attributes provide you with comprehensive control over the appearance and style of the rating element in your templates. Experiment and customize to create the perfect ratings for your designs. With the addition of the rating element, you can now easily incorporate dynamic ratings into your banners, adding an interactive and engaging element to your campaigns.

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