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Set my background format transparent : Achieving a PNG Output
Set my background format transparent : Achieving a PNG Output

Learn how to create PNG images with transparent backgrounds. Perfect for versatile image integration.

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Setting a Transparent Background: Achieving a PNG Output

To set your background to be transparent in the Template Builder, follow these steps:

  1. Unselect layers: If you have any layer selected, click outside the frame to unselect it.

  2. Choose Monochrome Format Background Color: Locate the format background color option and select the Monochrome setting.

  3. Adjust the Opacity: Set the opacity to 0 to achieve a transparent background. You can use the opacity slider or directly change the "A" (alpha) value to 0 in the color picker.

And there you have it! When you generate the image, it will have a transparent background.

Note: When the format background is transparent, the output generation will be in PNG format rather than JPEG. PNG format supports transparency, allowing you to incorporate the generated image seamlessly into various designs and backgrounds.

With a transparent background, you can easily integrate your generated image into different contexts, such as overlaying it on top of other images or designs without any visible background.

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