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Creating Dynamic Images on Abyssale: Personalization at Its Finest
Creating Dynamic Images on Abyssale: Personalization at Its Finest

Unlock Dynamic Image Power! Customize images dynamically via URLs for diverse use cases. Manage, generate & integrate for versatile visuals.

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Experience the Power of Dynamic Images on Abyssale

When you signed up for Abyssale, you must have witnessed the incredible capabilities of our dynamic image feature firsthand through our Welcome email. Abyssale offers a remarkable functionality known as "Dynamic Image" that allows you to generate images dynamically by updating their URLs. 😎

The potential use cases for dynamic images are vast and varied. From personalized gift cards to celebrate your users' birthdays, to cold emails containing customized images for each recipient, the possibilities are endless.

Creating and Managing Dynamic Images on Abyssale

Note : Dynamic images only work with a static template, to generate jpg, png or PDF.

With Abyssale, every dynamically generated image remains available and displayed, even if you pause an URL or it reaches its expiration date. There are no limitations on the number of dynamic images that can be created from a template. Each template hosts its own set of dynamic images. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Go to the "Automate" page

  2. Proceed to the "Generation Methods" section.

  3. Click on the "Dynamic images" cards.

  4. Select a template

  5. Give your dynamic image a name and activate the relevant options that are useful to you.

    • Limitation Rate: Set a limit on the number of dynamically generated images an IP address can create per day. This protects your Abyssale API consumption from misuse by unauthorized users.

    • Expiration Date: After this date, new images will not be generated. This feature is particularly useful when you know that your dynamic image will only be temporarily used, and you don't want to consume API credits for it after a specific date.

  6. Now it's time to build your dynamic image URL using the URL builder.

Understanding API Credits with Dynamic Image

API credits are counted as follows:

  • Each unique image generation from a URL counts as 1 API credit.

  • Subsequent calls to the same URL do not consume additional API credits.

Note: In other words, if the same image or URL is called thousands of times, it will not incur any extra API credits.

Dynamic Modifications to Image Information

To change the displayed name on the image below, you need to modify the previously generated URL. You can update images by passing information in the query string.

Here's an example:

In this example, "name" represents the layer name, and "payload" represents the layer property. You can chain multiple information updates using standard query string syntax, separated by the "&" symbol. For instance:

Here, both the name text and the name's color have been changed.

For a comprehensive list of string properties, please refer to our developers page.

Integrating Your Dynamic Image URL

Integrating your dynamic image URL into your tools is a breeze. Simply modify the URL directly with the connected metadata in your tools to dynamically modify the content of your banner.

To learn more about embedding dynamic images on Sendingblue, check out our blog article. You'll find this information at the end of the post.

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