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Discover Spreadsheet generation method
Discover Spreadsheet generation method

Unlock the power of spreadsheet generation with this method. Explore efficient ways to create visuals with just a spreadsheet.

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Abyssale is unique in that it lets you generate visuals with a set of data from a spreadsheet.

Generate visuals by filling a Spreadsheet

  1. Head to the Automate page and select the Spreadsheet generation method

  2. Select the template in which the new variation will be generated.

  3. Give a name to your Task, select the formats of your template where visuals will be generated in this Task and select which data source :

  4. You have added you data, it's time now to generate your desired visuals from this Task

  5. And that's it, you will be redirected to the "Automate' page where you can find your task in process. When it's ready, view your banners and export them.

I get an error on my task/spreadsheet generation, how can i fix it ?

Occasionally, an error may occur during generation. This is indicated by an error status on the task and an indication of the number of visuals not generated.

Note : No credits are consumed when the generation is in error

To know what happen, click on the orange error numbers, you will get details on why the error occurred and how to correct it.

Once you've identified the errors and corrected them by modifying the template and/or spreadsheet, you can press the restart button to retry the whole generation.

Common errors and how to correct them

Element <Layer name> error : The text "sample text" cannot fit within the defined space
  • The text is too long for the container of your layer, here how to fix that

    • Activate auto-resize on your layer

    • Increase minimum font size on auto-resize if enabled

    • Increase layer container size

    • Decrease font size

    • Decrease the number of characters in your text

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