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Locking and Unlocking Layers
Locking and Unlocking Layers

Secure your design! Learn how to lock and unlock layers in Template Builder, preventing accidental changes and ensuring design stability.

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Locking and Unlocking Layers: Ensuring Element Stability and Avoiding Accidental Modifications

In the Template Builder, you have the option to lock layers to prevent unintended modifications or accidental repositioning of elements. Follow these steps to lock and unlock a layer:

Locking a Layer

Note: when you lock a layer, it only applies to the specific format on which you performed this action. If you want to lock the layer across all formats in your template, you need to repeat this action on each format individually.

  1. Hover over the Layer: Move your mouse cursor over the layer you want to lock. A padlock icon will appear next to the layer.

  2. Click the Padlock Icon: Click on the padlock icon to lock the layer. Once locked, the layer will be protected, and you won't be able to move or modify it.

Unlocking a Layer

Note: if you want to make simultaneous changes to a locked layer across all formats using the "Synchronize Styles" feature, ensure that you have unlocked the layer on all formats where it is locked.

  1. Hover over the Locked Layer: Move your mouse cursor over the layer that you have previously locked. The padlock icon will be visible.

  2. Click the Padlock Icon: Click on the padlock icon again to unlock the layer. Once unlocked, you can make changes or modifications to the layer as needed.

By utilizing the lock feature, you can maintain the stability and integrity of your template's design, preventing inadvertent alterations and preserving the intended layout of your elements.

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