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Apply a Full-width text background
Apply a Full-width text background

Elevate text visibility! Learn to add full-width backgrounds. Enhance legibility and impact with custom colors and padding.

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Applying a Full-Width Text Background: Enhancing Text Visibility

To create a full-width text background in the Template Builder, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Text Layer: Choose the text layer to which you want to apply the full-width background.

  2. Activate the Background Parameter: In the right panel, locate the background parameter and enable it for the selected text layer.

  3. Set the Parameter to "Paragraph": Within the background parameter settings, select the option to apply the background to the entire paragraph.

  4. Check "Fill the Entire Width": Enable this option to ensure that the background color spans the entire width of the container.

  5. Customize the Background Options: Modify the available options to suit your needs:

    • Color: Change the background color to your desired shade.

    • Vertical Padding: Add vertical space between the text and the edge of the colored background.

    • Horizontal Padding: Add horizontal space between the text and the edge of the colored background (Note: This option is not available if you have checked "Fill the Entire Width").

    • Radius : Add rounded edge on your background color

    • Background Offset Y: Adjust the vertical positioning of the background color in relation to the text.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tips: If your text is expected to fit on two lines during generation, each line of the paragraph will have a full-width text background, enhancing visibility and clarity.

By applying a full-width text background, you can make your text stand out and improve its legibility. Experiment with different colors and padding options to achieve the desired visual impact and ensure your message is effectively conveyed.

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