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Understand your Abyssale template statistics
Understand your Abyssale template statistics

Decode the metrics of your Abyssale templates. Gain insights and optimize with a comprehensive understanding of your template statistics

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We allow you to have visibility on the usage of each of your templates in a very detailed way. For now, you can see from which source the banners are generated.

Source of banner generations on your template

There are several generation sources, so we display each of these sources and their volume of banners generated.
This allows you to have at a glance more visibility on the use of your template.


  • Task - All the banners that were generated from a funnel that you created on the platform

  • Direct API - All banners that have been generated using your API key or from the API tab

  • Dynamic img - All banners generated by your Dynamic Images URL
    โ€‹Integrations - All banners generated by Abyssale native integrations (Airtable, Wordpress, Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly).

  • Form - All banners generatd with image form

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