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Zapier - Common Problems with Abyssale
Zapier - Common Problems with Abyssale

Troubleshoot seamlessly! Explore common problems with Abyssale on Zapier. Unlock solutions to enhance your workflow and productivity

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I want to change the text line break

You can either force line breaks directly on the text field

or let the Abyssale line break engine automatically fills the text area.

I got a 400 error when filling text

{"id": "cannot_build_banner", "message": "Element text_title error: The text 'First line \nor second" cannot fit"}

That means the available area of the element is not large enough to support the given text. Either increase the area of the element in the template, or reduce your text length (or delete some line breaks if you set some).

I got timeout when defining public image URLs.

Generating a banner from a template involves a lot of steps, one being downloading the image from the public URL. Sometimes, those URL are slow or the image too big, resulting in a Zap timeout. On that case, either retry your zap, try another public image URL or optimize your image file before sending it to Abyssale.

Abyssale Creative automation vs Auto-generation feature

The only available action is "Generate banners from template" (Creative automation). The auto-generation Abyssale feature is not available on Zapier yet.

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