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Discover Abyssale hosted image link and bandwith
Discover Abyssale hosted image link and bandwith

Explore Abyssale's hosted image links & bandwidth solutions for seamless and efficient content delivery

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Info : You have a different bandwidth limit on each subscription plan, the more your image is viewed the more bandwidth you will consume.

Host your images generated via abyssale directly on the platform and use them wherever you want without having to download them.

Create a hosting link for my generated visuals

Note : Only image (jpg/png) can be hosted on Abyssale with that feature

  1. Go to My template, select your template, and click on View all on the Last generated banners section

    If you can't find this section on your template page, you haven't generated an image from it yet. Generate images before you can use the hosting link

  2. Move your mouse over the banner you want to get a hosting link and click on the three small dots ... in the right corner of the banner

  3. Click on the Copy hosting link button
    Use your hosted image link wherever you want 🎊

Note : each viewing of the image on a page consumes bandwith, the consumption depends on the weight of the image. The heavier it is, the more bandwidth is consumed during the viewing.

How bandwidth works

Each image displayed on a website consumes bandwidth because, in order for the image to be displayed on your screen, your computer has sent a request to the server where the image is located to ask for the image information in order to display it on your screen.

Quite simple in fact 😊
The data that is transferred between the server and the visitor's computer is called bandwidth, which is the amount of data transferred.
At Abyssale, we host your images on our platform, when you link to an image and use it. We provide 2 types of link, one that allows you to download the image and the other (the hosting link) that is designed for low latency and high transfer speeds features (for instance, you can host images on your website).
This last type of link costs money to transfer the data. That’s why we are forced to impose a bandwidth limit for each workspace according to its subscription plan.

How can I see my bandwidth consumption ?

Go to the dashboard of your workspace, you will find your bandwith consumption for the current billing month.

I consumed all my bandwith what will happen to my images hosted on abyssale?

Your images will no longer be visible on the various places where you have posted them, instead you will have a small icon indicating that there are no images.

Tips : Don't waste time and upgrade your subscription to increase your monthly bandwith limit to fix this problem.

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