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Meaning of the Abyssale Credits
Meaning of the Abyssale Credits

Understand how Abyssale's credit system works for various file types

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When it comes to generating files in Abyssale, the credit cost varies depending on the type of file generated. Whether it's an image using the Dynamic Image feature, an API request, an automation, or an external integration (such as Airtable or Integromat), the credit consumption may differ.

  • 1 JPG/PNG = 1 credit

  • 1 PDF of 1 page = 1 credit

  • 1 MP4/GIF/HTML5 = 1 credits/second

To keep track of your allocated credits, you can conveniently view your Credits volume directly from the dashboard. This allows you to monitor your credit usage and ensure it aligns with the plan you have chosen.

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