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Delete/Close your Abyssale Workspace
Delete/Close your Abyssale Workspace

Workspace owners can delete their workspace permanently. Important considerations and steps outlined

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Important : Only users with the workspace owner role can change the account subscription.

If you no longer need to use Abyssale, you can permanently delete your Workspace in your account settings.

Before you start

  • After an account is deleted, it can't be restored. This means all account data, including projects, visuals, assets, comments, and statuses are removed from our system and can't be recovered.

  • When you permanently close your account, we remove all data associated with your Workspace. Before you close your account, be sure to Export your banners.

How to Close/Delete your Workspace

  1. To close your Abyssale company Workspace, head to your Settings page.

  2. Select in the left sidebar the Overview tab

  3. In the Overview tab, you will see a button Delete company account, click on it

  4. In the Confirmation Required pop-up modal, check all the checkboxes then type DELETE to confirm this action and click Confirm.

    • Your subscription will be cancelled immediately without refund.

    • All data associated to your company workspace will be permanently deleted immediately

    • You agree to this action and that cannot be undone

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