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Export & Share my visuals
Export & Share my visuals

Effortlessly export and share your visuals with this guide. Learn streamlined methods to distribute your creations and enhance collaboration

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How to export a generated visual

Note : If you haven't yet generated banners on the chosen template, the section showing banners won't appear naturally. πŸ˜€

  1. Go to My template, select your template, and click on View all on the Last generated banners section

  2. Move your mouse over the visual you want to export and click on the three small dots "..." in the right corner of the banner

  3. Click on the export button

How to export multiple visuals at once

Info : If you are exporting multiple visuals at once, then you will receive an email πŸ“§ notification once the export is complete to download the .Zip folder containing your banners

  1. Select the visuals you want to export by moving the mouse over them and clicking on the checkbox in the right corner of each banner

  2. Click on the export button

Tips : You can select all the visuals of the page by clicking on Select all, in the upper right corner. Then by clicking a second time you will select the visuals of all pages (the number is indicated)

How to Share banners

Note : You can share only one visual at a time

  1. Click on the visual you want to share

  2. Click on the share button on the bar at the top left of the page

  3. Copy the link, and share it

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