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Manage Team Members

Inviting Team Members to Your Workspace: Learn how to add teammates, assign user roles, and manage permissions for effective collaboration

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Invite team members to your Workspace

If you’re looking to invite new teammates to your Abyssale workspace here's how:

  1. Access to the settings page.

  2. Reach the Manage members tab on the left and click on "invite members"

  3. A modal will appear to invite team members to your organization. Enter an email address then click on Send invitation.

Note : if your teammate hasn't received the invitation, ask him to check his spam inbox. If the problem persists, please contact our support team via chat.

Assigning user roles

In order to safeguard sensitive information and control the scope of actions that individuals can undertake, user roles are employed to delimit their permissions. It is imperative to assign a specific role to each team member upon their inclusion. Presently, there exist four distinct user roles to select from when enlisting a team member to your account, each role imposes greater limitations on the tasks they can execute:

Account owner

The account owner holds advanced administrative privileges on the platform. In an organizational context, a sole account owner is permitted, typically the person who initiated the organization's Abyssale account. Unlike other members, the account owner is not subject to removal from the organization. This role has an exclusive capability to oversee billing, subscriptions, and organizational configurations within Abyssale.

It occupies one seat within your subscription allocation.


Administrators enjoy equivalent access levels as the account owner; however, they lack the authority to oversee billing, subscriptions, and organizational settings. Assigning individuals to this role contributes to the total number of seats occupied within your subscription plan. Administrators are empowered to:

They share equivalent privileges with the account owner, with the exception of access to the billing section and the sensitive workspace settings.


The member role denotes a contributor status. Similar to administrators, members' assignment contributes to the seat count in your subscription plan. Members are authorized to:

  • Create and oversee tasks.

  • Add and manage brand presets.

  • Access all features related to content generation.

  • Access all features pertaining to collaborations.

  • Export banners.


The viewer role is the most restricted access within your organization.

Viewers can:

  • Access the workspace

  • Share forms, template and visuals

  • Comment

This role does not consume seats, so you can add as many users to it as you like.

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