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How to invite members into my workspace
How to invite members into my workspace

Invite members to your workspace for seamless collaboration. Share, comment, and manage templates effectively for optimized creation.

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Inviting a Team Member to Your Workspace

To include your entire team in your Workspace and enable collaboration, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Workspace settings from the "Settings" page

  2. Locate the option to invite team members and click on it.

  3. Enter the email address of your collaborator.

  4. Choose the appropriate role and permissions for the invited person. By default, they are invited as viewers, so make sure to adjust their rights accordingly.

  5. Send the invitation by clicking on the appropriate button.

  6. An email containing the invitation link will be sent to your team member, allowing them to join your Workspace.

Note : You need an advanced or premium plan to be able to invite colleagues into your workspace. This is an option of the collaboration feature

With your entire team included in your Workspace, you can seamlessly share, comment, and manage your templates. Everyone will be able to collaborate effectively, stay engaged, and receive notifications of any changes made.

For more detailed information about the different roles and permissions, refer to the article on permissions for each role.

Enjoy collaborating with your team and optimizing the creation process within your Workspace!

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