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Discover Abyssale Form
Discover Abyssale Form

Instant visuals edits with ease! Use Abyssale's form for quick content changes. Share with anyone. Create, customize, and collaborate!

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If you need to generate an image quickly by making slight content changes, Abyssale provides a simple form for this purpose. This feature can be shared with your collaborators and customers as well.

For example, if, as an agency, you want to offer your customer the possibility of modifying text or anything else on a template already produced for them, share the template form with your customer so that they can do it themselves.

Creating a Form

To create a form, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Automate" page

  2. Navigate to the "Generation Method" section

  3. Click on "Form Generation"

  4. Select the desired template used for this form

  5. Give a name to your form and select the layers that can be modified through the form.

  6. Choose the form type:

    • Embed Form: Embed the form directly on your website.

    • Abyssale Form Webpage: Get an Abyssale webpage to share the form with everyone.

  7. Choose the output interaction type :

    • Download Assets : Allow the user to download the generated assets

    • Save Assets : The users cannot download the generated assets (they are stored automatically as soon as the user saves the visual, in the generated visuals folder of the template

  8. Choose to white-label your forms to hide from the end-user that you are using Abyssale to provide these forms. (Available from Advanced plan)

  9. Finally, create your form by clicking on "Create Form."

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip : To ensure clarity for form users and better differentiation while selecting available layers, it's advisable to rename the layers in the template before creating the form.

Congratulations! Your form is now live and ready to use! 🎊

Share Your Form

  1. Go to the "Automate" page

  2. Navigate to the "Form's" section.

  3. Click on the small square button to copy the URL associated with the form.

  4. Share the URL with your teammates or customers.

Important : Each visuals generated using this form will consume credits from your Abyssale account.

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