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How can I use "Discount Code"?
How can I use "Discount Code"?

To use a "Discount Code," enter it at checkout on app and apply the code to enjoy the specified discount.

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We sometimes run promotions during events. If you are lucky πŸ€ enough to receive one, here is how to use it in order to activate your discount code :

Note : Only users with the workspace owner role can change the account subscription.

  1. Head to your Settings page.

  2. Select in the left sidebar the billing tab

  3. In the billing tab, you will see a button to subscribe, click on Subscribe to Abyssale.

Now you just need to select a plan and add your discount code πŸ˜€

If your code is valid, the discount you get will be automatically applied to the plans and whenever you subscribe to a plan you will be charged with the discounted price.

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