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Export Photoshop PSD file into Abyssale as a template
Export Photoshop PSD file into Abyssale as a template

Effortlessly import your Photoshop designs directly to Abyssale, eliminating redundant template recreation.

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Note : Your Adobe photoshop software must be in version 23.3.0 or higher. please follow this article to learn how to update photoshop.

No need to completely redesign your template design on Abyssale if you use Photoshop to do your design.
Use our Photoshop plugin to Export your artboard directly into Abyssale.

Install Photoshop Plugin

Important : You must be an administrator of your computer to install the plugin, as it is a beta plugin that must be downloaded from our server and installed manually on Creative Cloud

Note : You'll need to log in to Creative cloud if you're not already, and accept the warnings about the plugin when installing it (as it's a new plugin in beta, it's not yet available directly from the Creative cloud plugin marketplace).

Before you can export your designs into Abyssale with just a few clicks, you first need to install the photoshop plugin and activate it. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and click on the Import Photoshop card.

  2. In the new window, click on Download the photoshop Plugin and launch the downloaded file.

  3. Launching the file will open the Adobe Creative cloud software.

  4. Once the plugin is installed, open Photoshop

Activate Photoshop Plugin

Note : Please wait 30 seconds before using the token in the plugin, as the token has just been generated, there may be a slight delay before it is functional.

Now that the plugin is installed on your photoshop, all you have to do is activate it by entering your Abyssale import token. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your Abyssale account settings from the menu. On the left side panel, go to the Import Token tabs. Click on Import Token and copy the generated token.

  2. Go to Photoshop, then to the Plugin menu

  3. Launch the Abyssale PSD Export plugin by clicking on Export to Abyssale

  4. A window opens asking you to enter your Abyssale import token

The Abyssale export PSD plugin is now installed and activated on your Photoshop software, so all you have to do is export one of your artboards.

Exporting a Photoshop Artboard to Abyssale

Note : When you make a PSD export from Adobe Photoshop to Abyssale, if all goes well, a new template will be created in your workspace based on this export.

Once you've downloaded, installed and activated the plugin in your Photoshop software, it's time to export your first Artboard to Abyssale. Here's how to do it:

  1. Launch Photoshop and launch the Abyssale PSD Exporter plugin

  2. Select an Artboard from the list or select one on your canva

  3. Select which layers you want to export in Abyssale and match it with . You will find three types of layers detected by the plugin:

    • Group: all layers in the group will be flattened on export, and a flattened image will be imported into Abyssale.

    • Text: the layer will be imported as a text layer in Abyssale

    • SolidColor: Imported as a shape layer in Abyssale

  4. When you have made your choice, export your selection to Abyssale as a template

Once the export load has been completed, you'll see a new Template created in your workspace if all goes well. Otherwise, you can check the history import from your settings.

What you need to know about our Abyssale PSD Exporter plugin ?

Here is some additionnal information to know about our plugin :

  • Decoration of part of the text will not be exported, you will need to add it manually in our builder

  • Layer groups are flattened as images when exported to abyssale, so if you have a text layer on top, you won't be able to edit this text on Abyssale. Please move the layer outside the group and select it in the plugin so that it can be imported into Abyssale as a text layer.

  • Layer selection in the plugin is not preserved if you change artboard and return to the previous artboard.

  • Artboard larger than 4000px will not be exported, and you will get an error message. Please select an artboard with fewer pixels or resize it before exporting

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