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Zapier - Generate banners from your Abyssale templates

Once your Abyssale account is connected to Zapier and you choose the Generate banners from template action, a list containing all of your templates will become available:

If none are available, that means you did not create any template on your Abyssale account. To do that:

Either create a template from scratch using the Abyssale designer tool (Abyssale > Templates > My Templates Tab > Create new template button).
Or use one of the Abyssale public template (Abyssale > Templates > Abyssale templates Tab > Hover one of the public templates and click on the Use as template button).
Once you selected a template, all of the customizable elements become available:

Elements are named as follow in Zapier: Element - CamelCase({element-name}). The element-name can be found on the layer manager area when editing the template:

What properties are customizable by API?

None of the properties are required. The default properties are the one stored in your template, meaning if you don't fill any property, the generated banner will look exactly like your template (with no changes).

Instead of passing static values to properties, you can use dynamic values coming from the trigger you connected.

For instance, one available field with the Schedule by Zapier trigger is Pretty Date, that I can use to fill the text_title element with the current transformed date.

Once you finished editing your elements (quick reminder: none are required to be filled), you can test the banner generation by clicking on the Test & review button.

Here is the generated banner obtained by changing the text_title with the Pretty Date:

On a multi-step zap, you will be able to use the generated banner URL directly on the subsequent actions.

For instance, generating a short URL of the image with the "Shorten URL Zapier Application":

You can now generate banners for all of your needs, the possibilities are endless 🌊.

Updated on: 29/08/2022

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