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Secure/Lock layers to avoid errors

Available natively in all Abyssale subscription plans 😎

On your templates it is possible that there can be several layers, and as time goes by it becomes complicated to navigate between the layers and you can by mistake modify elements or change its position. Block your layer to avoid this kind of problem.

How to lock a layer ?

Move your mouse over the layer you want to block, a padlock icon will appear, click on it
Your layer is now locked, it will not be possible to move it until you unblock it

when you block a layer, it will only apply to the format on which you did this action. repeat the action on each format to block the layer on the whole template.

How to unlock a layer ?

Move your mouse over the layer you have locked, a padlock icon appears, click on it
your layer is now unlocked, you can apply changes to it

don't forget to unblock the layer on other formats if you want to make changes simultaneously on all formats with the Synchronize styles

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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