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Overview template page

At Abyssale, we believe that it is important to have a dashboard for each template in order to follow its progress and its functioning.
Discover the detailed view of your template to be able to see all the information concerning it at a glance.

Overview template page functionnality

A quick overview of your template, with the possibility by clicking on it to see it entirely to comment, share
Action buttons to edit or acces the template settings
All statistics on the activity of your template
All the details about the template

Author: The person who created the template
Creation Date: The date of creation of the template
Last Update: The date of the last modification on the template
Template Version: Each time the template is modified, it automatically increments a version number
Category: The category in which this template is placed
Available formats : The list of all formats used by this template

A section showing you the different ways to generate images from this template

Single Generation: make an image quickly from this template by filling a form
Spreadsheet generation: The creation and management of Task for all your campaigns
Dynamic Images: The management and creation of Dynamic images linked to this template
Image Form: Share a form with someone to give them the ability to generate an image from that template.
Make, Zapier, Airtable, etc.. : Create a generation automation via external tools
API: Management of the API of the template

The latest banners generated by your template
This section does not appear if there is no image generated from this template
If you have not activated in the Template settings tab the option to create a copy of the banners generated by the API then naturally the latest banners generated by the API will not be displayed.

Find several tables listing the tasks, the dynamic image, the forms in progress or past made on this template.
Some tables may not be present on your templates because you did not use the corresponding generation method. So the list is empty naturally.

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Updated on: 15/06/2022

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