Abyssale is evolving! We will soon deploy the new interface that will be the foundation of the V2 platform 🎉. This new version may have some display issues at launch, so don't hesitate to communicate to our team any problem you may encounter on help@abyssale.com
Important changes to know

Banners are now classified in each related template

Banners that have been generated from a template that has been deleted will no longer be accessible with the new version, you are invited to download them before November 29th (Guide to export banners)
The "My banners" page in the top menu will no longer be available
The folders contained in the page "My banners" in which your banners are currently stored will disappear with this new version. Your banners will now be available directly in each template that allowed the generation. You can then sort the banners in each template

Funnels evolve

Old generated banners are overwritten when generating a banner on an already existing funnel

💡 Tips : If you want to generate new banners via an existing funnel, duplicate your funnel then generate with your modifications to keep the banners generated from your first generation. If you make a new generation on the same funnel, your old banners will be overwritten.

How to generate banners now ?

The process of generating banners does not really change, however we thought it was important to remind you how to generate your banners with the new system.

All you have to do is generate banners on the template you created earlier.

Go to My templates then select your desired template
You are now on the overview template page, click on the generate banners button to fill a new funnel, or go to the left menu and select the funnel tab to reach the previous funnels
Reach now your generated banners from the left menu with the banners tab or directely from your funnel with the view banners button

Congratulations, you have now generated your banners 🎊 with Abyssale, you can now export them for use.

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