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Learn the template builder interface

Abyssale Team offers you to use a public template directly from Templates Public page, edited by our designers in order to save you more time in creating your campaigns.

We put at your disposal the possibility to create a template, and in this one you can add as many formats as you want. The goal is to generate banners in all formats from a single template where the desgin is repositioned on each format.

Presentation of the Template Builder

To begin, here is a presentation of the editor interface, which we will call Template Builder, you will find several elements allowing you to customize your template to the smallest detail:

The name and UUID of your template (useful to communicate to support the id of a template that is causing problems 😉 )
The list of formats present in the template and the possibility to add some (you have the choice to add custom or predefined formats)
The** list of layers** present on the template
The toolbar with navigation options and different components to compose your template
The save and delete action button of the template
The panel dedicated to the customization parameters of the selected element _(text, image, etc..).

Available formats

You have the possibility by default to select one of the formats provided by the platform. We have made available the most used formats on the market.
We regularly add new formats so you can use the solution in all your campaigns, but you can also create your own format.

Here is the list of all the formats available on the platform:

You use a standard format regularly but not present in the list? Contact our support by chat, we will add it. 😎

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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