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How to import my Airtable base into Abyssale

Your Airtable records can now be quickly and easily imported on Abyssale! Let's dive into it:

Add your Airtable API key

First go to Airtable & log in
Click on your avatar (top right of the window) and then click on Account :

On your Account Settings page, you'll find an API area. Click on Generate API Key & copy the given key (by clicking on the input).

Go to & log in.

Go to your Abyssale account Settings > Connect > Airtable; Paste your Airtable API Key in the input field and click the Save your key button.

Your Airtable account is now connected to Abyssale 🎉.

How to import my Airtable base now?

Once your API key has been successfully added to your Abyssale account.

Go to My templates
Click on one of your Template
Click on Generate banners
There are multiple creation methods available including Airtable base import. To import your Airtable data click Select

A popup window will appear asking for your Base ID & Table Name. To get these two parameters, you have to go to airtable and open the database you want to import

Base ID parameter

Go to & open the base you would like to import.
Then click on Help (top right of your window) and API Documentation (You will be redirected to the API documentation of your current base.)
Copy the id that is highlighted and paste it in the appropriate field

Beware, each Airtable "Base" has a dedicated page with a unique Base ID

Table name

Go to & open the base you would like to import.
Copy the table name you want to import from your airtable base and paste it in the appropriate field

If everything has been done properly, a mapping will be displayed in the popup window (all checkboxes are unselected by default).

Here you need to check your Abyssale layers (from your template) that you would like to populate with a column extracted from your Airtable base. To do that, just enable the desired layers, and select on the right side which columns you would like to map.

When fetching your data, Abyssale is guessing which kind of column you have. That's why you don't see all columns on all selected fields. "image_urls" will only contain image fields, "color" & "background_color" only hexadecimal (#FFFFFF) color fields...

Once you have done your mapping, click on Create Spreadsheet.

Your Spreadsheet will be created and you will be redirected to it.

You can now edit all your data & start generating banners from them 👏.****

Updated on: 29/08/2022

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