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How the text auto-resize work ?

Available natively in all Abyssale subscription plans 😎
You can't see the functionality in action in the template builder, the auto resize happens when the banner is generated

The auto resize feature allows you to automatically resize the text contained in a container if it exceeds the container in number of characters.
Check out the article explaining how the container system works in Abyssale

Activate the text auto resize feature on an element

If auto resize is enabled in the template, it will not override the element's auto resize setting.

Select your text component
Enable the Text auto resize setting
Set the minimum font size allowed to resize the text

Activate the text auto resize feature on the template

If Auto Resize is enabled on an element, it will override the Auto Resize setting on the template.

Go to the template settings via the settings button
Enable the Text auto resize setting
Define the minimum size in percentage that the font can reach in order to resize the text.

I have an error message about the text size when generating

If the text of your element exceeds the container during the generation, you will get an error at the end of the generation which will be described in the error report with the following message: the text "this is a sample text". cannot fit within the defined space.
You have 3 choices to correct this problem:
Enable the Text auto resize feature
Decrease the minimum font size allowed
Reduce the number of characters in your text

Important to know if you use the api with this feature

if the json being sent to abyssale through the api ({templateid}/generate) includes a font size, that size sent through the api will override the text auto resize feature.

When sending a JSON request, only include the necessary fields that need to be updated dynamically. Avoid including unnecessary information by not copying and pasting the entire JSON, as it can lead to errors such as the auto text resize feature not functioning properly when a font size is specified in the JSON.

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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