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How do I customize my file names for export?

Available natively in all Abyssale subscription plans 😎
You will generate a large number of banners, so it is important for you to have file names that allow you to classify them easily.

Customize my file name before exporting

This modification is only effective on the template on which you make the modification, you will have to apply this modification on all your templates if you want to export files with a certain name each time.

Custom file name

To change the file naming scheme of your exports, you need to go to the template on which you want to change it.

Go to My templates
Select your template
Go to the template settings tab under the visual
Click on Define a custom naming scheme
Write the naming scheme and use the tags corresponding to the data in your feed.

Blank spaces are not allowed, by default we remove spaces to avoid errors 😉

Updated on: 26/07/2022

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