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You are likely to use the platform regularly which over time implies the presence of a large number of templates, banners,funnels in your workspace. Thankfully we've got something to help you get to what you're looking for swiftly.

We've set up on all of our pages the possibility to filter and order the selected view at your convenience 🤗.

Filter and sort views on Abyssale

These settings are recurrent on all our pages. Here is the list of recurring parameters available on all of our pages:


Alphabetical: Sort in alphabetical order (A-Z, 1-100)
Creation Date: Sort elements by creation date
Last update: Sort by date of last update
Status: Sort by status


Format: Filter by selected format types
Status: Filter by selected status types
Tags: Filter by selected Tags types

If you feel like a filtering or sorting option is missing, feel free to reach out via our live chat 💬
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