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Export & Share my images and videos

All Abyssale media are optimized to ensure all banners are pixel perfect and crisp on any type of screen resolution. Worry not you will be able to upload Abyssale banners onto any advertising platform.

How to export a banner

Go to My template, select your template, and click on View all on the Last generated banners section

If you have not yet generated banners on this template then this section will not be present naturally 😀

Move your mouse over the banner you want to export and click on the three small dots "..." in the right corner of the banner
Click on the export button

How to export multiple banners at once

If you are exporting multiple banners at once, then you will receive an email 📧 notification once the export is complete to download the .Zip folder containing your banners
Select the banners you want to export by moving the mouse over them and clicking on the checkbox in the right corner of each banner
Click on the export button

You can select all the banners of the page by clicking on Select all, in the upper right corner. Then by clicking a second time you will select the banners of all pages (the number is indicated)

How to Share banners

You can share only one banner at a time
Click on the banner you want
Click on the share button on the bar at the top left of the page
Copy the link, and share it

Take advantage now of the Collaboration feature to retrieve the opinions of your collaborators and your customers concerning the banner generated directly in Abyssale. They can comment on it to allow you after consultation to change its status.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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