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Export my generated images in PDF format

Template creation supporting PDF export is only available from the Advanced subscription plan. And the PDF generation costs 3 credits per generation
It is not necessary to recreate a template to have this export method, you can have it in an existing template just by adding a format allowing it
Exporting your images in PDF format can have a real interest in some cases, we can quote notably:
The creation of an image containing usage and consumption statistics that will be sent to your client on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc...)
The need to print your images for display

As this is a format that is basically intended for text, we must separate the type of format when we create the template.

How do I add a format to my template that allows me to generate images that can be exported to PDF?

Only the predefined formats of the Print category can currently be exported after generation in PDF

Go to your template, and edit it to enter in its builder
Click on Add format on the left and choose a Print format at the bottom of the list from the predefined formats

Print format list

Choose the type of format Print.

How does the PDF generation work?

Single, Batch and Form method

It's very simple, when you go to download the generated image from the Banners tab, or from Image Form, you will get a PDF file as output.

Dynamic image and Hosted image method

With Dynamic image you can create a dynamic URL that will output in PDF format. The operation remains the same as the normal use of Dynamic Image.
When you generate your image hosting link that is in Print format, the link will display in PDF

Little extra, we make the text selectable on your PDF 😎

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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