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Discover the Overlay on video template type

The generation of a video will cost you 10 credits per second of video. learn more
You can now auto-generate videos with an overlay and export them to .mp4 files. Simply add a video as a background and design your static overlay

Create an Overlay on video Template

Select an overlay video template in Public templates by clicking on Use template or create your own by going to My template and clicking on the button at the top right.
Select the overlay on video template type when creating the template.

Add a video as background

This option is available only on a Overlay on video template type
Inside the Template Builder, select and add the format you want.
Add a video from the right panel. (You can replace the video, with the same step)

If you do not see this option, you are on a different type of template (Static, Animation) or you have selected a layer. Click outside the canva to select the root of the format instead of a layer.

Interact with the video on the template

if you don't have a preview of the video it's because the video is encoded in H265. The chrome browser does not support this encoding. Please use an another browser if you use this type of video.

Play video

You can play the video directly on the template to see the result with all your layers on top.

Pause video

When your video is playing, you can pause it.

Toggle audio

If you disable audio in the template builder, when generating all the variations, they will be generated without audio. The same applies if you enable it.
When you import a video on the template, abyssale will automatically get the audio stream of it.
So you can enable or disable the audio on this template.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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