If you've created an account on Abyssale, you should have seen this feature in action directly in our Welcome email.
Abyssale includes an awesome feature allowing you to dynamically generate an image by updating its URL 😎. This feature is simply called "Dynamic image"
The range of use-cases for dynamic images can be extremely wide. Ranging from custom gift-cards to celebrate your user's birthdays, to cold emails that includes personalized image for each recipients.

Create and manage dynamic images on Abyssale

Every single dynamically generated images will remain available/displayed even when you pause an URL or the expiration date has been reached.
Go to My template and select your template or create a template
Go to the Dynamic image tab

In this section, you can create & manage all dynamic images linked to the template.
There are no limitations over the amount of dynamic images that can be created from a template
Each template hosts its own dynamic images (Navigate to each templates to manage your associated dynamic images)

Click on the Create new Dynamic image button (a new row is added to the "Dynamic image list")

Here you go, you've created your first dynamic image URL 😎
If you click on the copy button and paste it in your browser you should see the dynamic image that has been generated from your template. Several options are available for dynamic images:

Pause button: You can pause a specific dynamic image URL at any time. Note that all previous generated images from that URL should still work. However, any new generation request won't be performed until you unpause it
Limitation rate: Limit the number of dynamically generated image an IP address can generate each day (this is to protect your Abyssale API consumption from mischievous users)
Expiration date: New images won't be generated after this date. It is particularly useful when you know your dynamic image will be temporarily used, and you don't want to consume API credits for it after a specific date.

How API credits are counted:

Each unique image generation from an URL count as 1 API credit.
Each subsequent calls to the same URL won't cost you anything.

To make it short, this means that the same image (or URL) called thousands of times won't consume you any additional API credits!
Change the information on the image dynamicaly

If we want to change the name displayed in this image below, we need to modify the url you generated earlier

You can update images by passing information in the query.
For example: ...images.abyssale.com/dynamic-image/34j39c5e-31fa-4jdb-b6d4-0c97445fb9b3?name.payload=John%20Doe
In this example name is the layer name and payload is the layer property.

You can chain information by using the standard query strings implementation &
For example: ...images.abyssale.com/dynamic-image/34j39c5e-31fa-4jdb-b6d4-0c97445fb9b3?title.payload=My%20new%20title&ttitle.color=%23000000
In this example the name text and the name's color has been changed

You can check all strings property on the developers page

Integrate your Dynamic Image URL

You just have to integrate this URL in your tools and modify the url directly with the metadata connected in them to dynamically modify the content of your banner

Check out this article on our blog about embedding dynamic images on Sendingblue. You will find this part at the end of the article.
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