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Discover Abyssale

You are using Abyssale for the first time or you still hesitate to choose the most complete solution to generate banners efficiently? Then you're at the right place.

The usefulness of Abyssale and its commitments

Our philosophy

Abyssale was founded by a french team 🥐 on the belief that modern marketing & advertising creative production should be painless, accessible, collaborative, and transparent. So we developed a creative automation solution that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to scale.

We believe images are worth a thousand words and the most powerful way to communicate with customers, prospects, and colleagues.

With the ever-growing amount of creative assets that need to be published, teams waste time working on these tedious and repetitive tasks when they could be focusing their efforts on strategic projects instead.

We’re here to fix that 💪.

The utility of Abyssale

First of all, Abyssale is thousands of users from all over the world who trust us and are happy to use our solution ( 4.7/5 on CAPTERRA ) .
Our clients include some of the largest companies in the industry such as Backmarket (see use case) and Dolead.

What are the advantages of using Abyssale? There are several, here is an exhaustive list of the most important to our customers:

Production efficiency
Select or create the template and generate creative variations on demand.

Design effortlessly
Allow designers to focus on the creative aspects of their work and reduce repetitive tasks.

Design Automation
Built-in design intelligence automates line breaks and page layout.

Scale across all channels
Say good-bye to hours of banner resizing for each marketing channel.

With Abyssale, you'll be able to generate an infinite number of images and videos in any format you want in just a few minutes. And thanks to the collaboration feature, share this result with your clients and/or your team to recover, structure the creation but also to have feedback on the design and content.
Our Template builder allows you to customize your campaigns down to the pixel, plus our algorithm will be able to adapt your content for each format automatically.
Connect to Abyssale via our API to directly generate your banners and display them in real time.

All available features

You can use the solution for any type of need requiring an image:
In your email campaigns
In your email signature
Visuals on your marketplace and/or your site
In social campaigns (facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, etc..) and/or IAB to illustrate your content
In your integrations to generate custom code coupons
And more...

We distinguish several core features of the product to allow you to develop your visual tomorrow in the best conditions

Template Builder - Design your image or video template in any format or use a public template created by Abyssale Team
Task and Spreadsheet - Import your data (CTA, images, text, logo, language, etc..) into Abyssale to generate an infinite number of images or vidéos
Dynamic images - Use dynamic URL banners to give out promotional coupons on demand
Forms - Generate images & videos by filling out a form, publicly available for your customers or your internal teams
Integration - Connect Abyssale to your favorite communication tools and receive live notifications wherever you are.

Join the community

Our team never stops improving the product based on our customers' feedback, become a part of the Abyssale community now to revolutionize the industry's practices in marketing & advertising design production. Join the Abyssale Discord community)
To get the latest news about the solution, subscribe to our Linkedin, Discord) and Twitter pages now. We regularly solicit our community to benefit from their opinions on the future features of tomorrow. You can also share your feedbacks with the community that grows every day.

Discover our regular updates through detailed changelog to master Abyssale like no other.

Start using Abyssale

Do nott hesitate any longer, save time right now by using Abyssale ✨, for that nothing could be easier. Sign up and start your 7-day free trial with no need to fill in a payment method (see trial period conditions from this article).

Or get a discount on your subscription now by contacting our customer service on the chat.

Once you've signed up, start our first template guide to get you started. Have a great time 😉 !

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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