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Create new task and fill the spreadsheet

This step and the following ones can be delegated to your marketing team 😎 if you are a designer, because indeed the graphic part was done previously while making the template.
Now that you have the template available, it's time to create your first Task and his spreadsheet to generate all your banners in a few clicks.
Abyssale has the particularity of allowing you to create a Task to populate a template with Spreadsheet, so it's not just a simple template editor 😏.

Create my Task, populate my template and generate

Create a Task

Click on the Automate page
Select the Spreadsheet generation method
Skip the 1rst step (guide) or read it :)
Select your template

Give a name to your Task and select the formats you want to generate in this Task
To export more formats, modify your template to add formats
You now have 3 choices available to generate the Spreadsheet for your Task:
Import a CSV
Import from an Airtable base
Create a Spreadsheet from scratch

Feed my template

Now that you have chosen one of the three previous choices for creating the Spreadsheet, you can add and / or modify each element of the template for each desired banner variation.
Each line match to a banner variation which will then be multiplied during the generation by the number of formats available on the template

When you are done, you can quit by saving it at the top right
Saving is not automatic, save your changes regularly to not lose them

Generate visuals

It's time now to generate your desired visuals from this Task

And that's it, you can now check your visuals with the view button on the Task line of your template.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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