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Create my first template

To better understand the Template Builder, please see the article Learn the template builder interface.
Abyssale Team allows you to choose a public template created by our team of designers directly from the public templates page, in order to save you more time in creating your campaigns.

You will regularly find new templates in the library sorted by theme:
Lead Gen
Real Estate

If you're feeling creative, you can always create your own template from scratch 🎨.

Create your first template

Select a template in Public templates by clicking on Use template or create you own by going to My template and clicking on the button at the top right.

Inside the Template Builder you can edit the settings of each layer in the right panel. Your layers are organized from top to bottom inside the Layer manager found in the left panel.
You can select a layer by clicking on it inside the Layer manager or by clicking on the desired element right inside the editor at the center of your screen.

Once you're done editing your template, all you have to do is save the template at the top right
You are now on the overview page of your new template 🎉.

Now that you have a template available, you can move on to the next article to learn how to generate Banners/Images

The template is not saved automatically, you must regularly save your changes by clicking on Save at the top right

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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