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Comment your banners with your teams

This functionality is available with at least the advanced plan, upgrade now your plan.

Comment a Banner

Looking at a banner or template is good, commenting on it to make it evolve is better!
With the Collaboration feature, you can comment on each banner to be able to optimize them as a team.

Go to My template , select your template, and click on View all on the Last generated banners section
Click on the banner you want to comment
Write your comment

Check your notification about comments

Comments on individual items are like a conversation 🙌. We need to see them separately from other system notifications to better consider them.
That's why we chose to create a space dedicated to talking to your team about your work.

Check your comments with the notification bubble icon at the top right of your screen
Read the comments or click on the card to access the corresponding banner

Marking all comments as read will not delete your comments, but will simply remove them from the notification system

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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