If you no longer need to use Abyssale, you can permanently close your account in your account settings.
Before you start
Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

After an account is deleted, it can't be restored. This means all account data, including projects, banners, comments, and statuses are removed from our system and can't be recovered.
When you permanently close your account, we remove all data associated with your account. Before you close your account, be sure to Export your banners.
If you don't need to generate and collaborate on banners for a while, you can pause your account twice a year.

How to close your account
To close your account, follow these steps:

Click on your organization icon in the top right corner and choose Settings & permissions.

Then navigate to the Account settings tab.

In the Confirmation Required pop-up modal, check all the checkboxes then type DELETE to confirm this action and click Confirm.

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