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Change the approval status of a banner

This functionality is available with at least the advanced plan, upgrade now your plan.

In Abyssale you have the possibility to work as a team with the status feature. There is a status for each step of your production process. This way, you can take time out of production to optimize it with your team.

Here are the different statuses available:

On hold
Need review
No status

For the moment, the statuses do not interact dynamically on the different production stages of the platform, they are just there to help you organize your production process.

Change statuses at every stage of production

Go to My template (for banners, select your template, and click on View all on the Last generated banners section)
Hover the mouse over the template/banner where you want to change the status and click on the three small dots ... on the right corner
Click on the status button ( by default is set on No status) to set the status that you want

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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