Abyssale's flexible pricing plans work with you as your business needs change over time. You can switch plans to access new features, adjust the number of seats on your account, or do both at the same time. You also have the option to pause your account and stop payments for a while.
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Before you start
Change your pricing plan
Pause or unpause billing

Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

Abyssale introduced a new pricing model on June 8, 2020. If you joined Abyssale before the new pricing model was introduced, and want to change or upgrade your legacy plan, check out Change or Pause Legacy Plan.
When you upgrade to a paid plan from a Trial plan, the upgrade is immediate.

Change your pricing plan

As your business grows, you may need to access more advanced features within Abyssale. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

If you upgrade your plan mid-cycle, you’ll have access to the new features or higher user and brand presets limit immediately. You’ll see a prorated charge on your monthly bill.

To upgrade your plan, follow these steps:

To update your Abyssale subscription plan, head to your account billing page.

In the billing tab, you will see your current Abyssale subscription, click on Update plan.

You will be redirected to our billing funnel. You can now  Choose your new plan.

Click Customize Plan.

You can customize your plan and add Addons to it.

After customizing your plan, click Proceed to checkout.

Enter your payment information.

After you are done and reviewed your bill summary, click on Place your order.

Pause or unpause billing

If you have a paid monthly plan and don't need to generate banners for a while, you can pause billing on your account. You can keep your account paused as long as you need to, but you’re limited to two pauses each year.

When you pause your account, we immediately end the current billing cycle. You can still use Abyssale to generate banners, collaborate, and make changes to your account until the end of your ongoing billing cycle.

When you're ready to generate banners again, you’ll need to subscribe to a plan to unpause your account.

Pause billing

If you pause your plan you won't be able to unpause till the end of the ongoing billing cycle.
To pause billing on your account, follow these steps:

To pause your Abyssale subscription plan, head to your organization account settings page.

Navigate to the settings tab.

Click the Pause account button.

In the Confirmation Required pop-up modal, type PAUSE and click Pause Your Account.

You'll see a success message when your account has been paused.

Unpause billing

To unpause billing, you'll need to choose a plan.
To unpause billing on your account, follow these steps:

to your Abyssale account.

On your organization settings Billing page, click Resume subscription.

You will be redirected to our billing funnel.
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