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Build your Dynamic image URL

When creating a dynamic image, you are automatically redirected to the URL builder so you can easily use your link.
You can of course at any time return to the url builder of your dynamic image to build the link again with other modifiable parameters.

How to access the Dynamic Image Url Builder ?

Each link of the dynamic image has its own Url builder, which allows you to easily add the parameters of each layer present on the concerned template
Go to the template where your dynamic image was created
Head to the Dynamic image section of your template

On your dynamic image that is listed, click on the Build URL button

How to use the Dynamic image Url Builder ?

Select the format that should be displayed with the URL you are creating (make a different url for each format)
Choose the layers that should be dynamic and put a test content on them (you will then change by your dynamic value on your different tools the value of each dynamic content)
Example of url : ...:// Texttest &text_title= texttest
Preview the result of your url to check how it works with your test data
Copy now the url you built and use it wherever you want to display a dynamic image 🎉

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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