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Add a predefined "country" tag in the spreadsheet

Other types of tags will be available, we invite you to suggest them to be added 😉
When creating your tasks, you will probably need to identify the different variations of your template in the spreadsheet.
For the moment, we give you the possibility to add a "Country" column, which allows you to assign a country for each banner variation.

Once your banners are generated you can define the file naming scheme by adding the Country tag to automatically name the files that will be exported with the country that is selected in the spreadsheet.

How to add a "Country" column in my spreadsheet?

A column added, can then be modified 😎

Nothing could be simpler, go to the spreadsheet of your task and add the column

Click on Add column then predefined tab
Search and add the countries that will be selectable to define the country of a row in your spreadsheet
Click on Add colum

How to change the country preselection configured on my "Country" column ?

Click on the gear icon
Add countries to the search bar or remove them
Click on Update countries to validate your change

How do I add the "Country" tag in my file name?

Follow the article dedicated to the naming scheme from this link :
How do I customize my file names for export?

You will just have to add the Country tag.

This tag will be available in the tool to customize the name of the files, only if you have added it in one of your spreadsheets/task of the selected template and only after the banner generation.

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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