Airtable - How to get started with the Abyssale Airtable application

The Abyssale's Airtable application allows to auto-generate images for your records from a single button directly inside Airtable.

The application can be found in the Airtable marketplace here:

PS: Airtable Apps are only available in Paid plans.

How to install it:

  1. Go to the Airtable Abyssale application page & Click "Install App"
  2. Select a workspace & the Airtable base. This base is where your Airtable records are located & from where you will be generating your images.
  3. Then click "Install app"

Once you installed the Abyssale application, you should have the Abyssale panel on the panel of your base, like:

Connect Abyssale with Airtable

1st Step: Click "Get Started" 2nd Step: Follow the instructions & paste your API Key

On the second step:

  1. Go to > Settings -> API
  2. If you don't have a key yet, click "Request an API Key" (that will generate your account API Key, available for all users of your Abyssale organization).
  3. Click "Copy
  4. Paste your API Key in the required field
  5. Click "Save

Once you reach "Image Generation Settings", you can start generating images from your Airtable records & Abyssale templates.