WordPress - How to install the Abyssale WordPress plugin?

1. Where to download it?

You can download the official plugin on WordPress.org.

2. How to install it?

  1. Once you are on the Abyssale plugin WordPress page:
  2. Click on the download button to download the Zip installer.
  3. Login to your WordPress admin panel and go to the plugin page.
  4. Click "add new" and upload the Abyssale plugin.
  5. Activate the Abyssale plugin
  6. Configure your Abyssale WordPress plugin, please refer to this article: How to Auto-Generate featured images for your WordPress posts (abyssale.com)
  7. You're up and ready to use Abyssale with WordPress!

3. How to use it in your local environment? (Optional)

If you want to use the Abyssale plugin on your local environment you need to install and use Ngrok. 
Ngrok will create a secure tunnel to your localhost. With this tool Abyssale api will be able to retrieve local images.

  1. Install Ngrok by following the instructions here.
  2. Change the WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME in wp-config.php with the Ngrok url.

  3. Use the Ngrok url to access your local WordPress.