Discover Banner Generation

Banner generation is a core feature of the Abyssale platform that allows you to generate display & social advertising banners for your marketing campaigns, as well as social banners for your day-to-day marketing communication.

In this article, you'll discover how Abyssale banner generation works, what are projects, and how to generate your first banners

Start with creating a new project
How to generate banners
Generate banners!

Start with creating a new project

Projects are basically folders enabling you to manage and categorize your generated banners. 

To create your first project, follow these steps.

Head to the projects page.
Click on the Create new project button.

A modal will appear to name your new project. Enter a project name then click on Create project.

You will be then redirected to your new project page.
Note: Only Account owners or users with an Admin role can create, delete, or archive a project.

How to generate banners

To start generating banners click on the Generate banners button on the top right of the current project page.

A modal titled Generation Settings will then appear and allow you to select a brand preset for this generation funnel, you can select a brand preset or disable brand preset selection then click on the Generate banners button.

Note: To save time for future generations we strongly advise you to create a brand preset! To learn more about brand presets and how to create and manage them head to this article.

You will be then redirected to what we call a generation funnel, this funnel has multiple steps that we'll cover below:

Select your banner format

The first step to generate banners is to select a banner format.

Note: Generated banners can be varied into other formats! However, banner format variation is only possible between formats of the same "family".
  • ie: iab 300×250 to iab 728×90
  • ie2: Facebook Post to Facebook Square

Upload your logo

You can upload up to 4 variations of your logos. Adding multiple variations of your brand's logo will help Abyssale design algorithm to generate a wider range of banners.

Upload recommendations:

  • Only SVG and PNG files are supported.
  • We heavily suggest you upload SVG files! This will ensure every generated banner is crisp.
  • In case you are using PNG logo files, we recommend that they have a transparent background 
  • Each file's weight should not exceed 5mb.
Note: If you applied a brand preset your logos will directly appear in this section. You can learn more about brand presets in this article.

Upload & edit your picture

You can generate stunning banners with our without any images! Discover the available options below:

  • Select & import images
    • Browse computer - Import images from your computer. 
    • Search on Unsplash - Search images directly from Unsplash pictures library
  • Don't use images

Upload recommendations:

  • Only JPEG and PNG files are supported.
  • Uploading cropped pictures will affect the overall quality and design of your banners.
  • You can upload pictures with transparent backgrounds! Our algorithm will match them with appropriate decorations and layouts.
  • Each file's weight should not exceed 5mb.

Search on Unsplash: 
Abyssale partnered with Unsplash - the internet's source of freely usable images giving you access to millions of pictures to create stunning banners.

Type in the search bar any keywords, our search engine will find related pictures that you can choose and use to generate your banners.

Fill your banner content

Depending on the format you've previously chosen up to 3 inputs can be available:

  • Title (mandatory)
  • Body (optional)
  • Call to action (only available on iab banners)

There is only one option available in this step:  Wording capitalization.

Wording capitalization defines how the design algorithm will generate your content within a banner.

Disabled - Our design algorithm will generate multiple text capitalization variations:

  • Uppercase (All words will be set in uppercase)
  • Single-capitalize (Only the first word on each sentence will be capitalized
  • Multiple-capitalize (Each word will be capitalized)

Enabled - Your content will be generated as you typed it.

Note: Pay attention to the banner content rules at the top of this step, depending on the format you've previously chosen wording rules could change.

Define your design guidelines

This step enables you to enable & define settings that will override our design algorithm rules and give you more control over the banner design. You can also choose to not enable these options and let our design algorithm decide what works best.

Color settings:
By enabling this option you will be able to define one specific color used in the generation. Leaving this option disabled will let our design algorithm select colors from your uploaded logos and the previously selected picture (if you decided to use pictures in this generation).

Fonts settings:
By enabling this option you will be able to choose between 2 font-moods:

  • Elegant - A handpicked selection of fonts that are stylish and sophisticated.
  • Neutral -  A handpicked selection of fonts that are professional and timeless.

Note: If you applied a brand preset to this generation, it's settings will directly appear in this section. Including specific fonts. You can learn more about brand presets in this article.

Generate banners!

As soon as you hit the generate banners button, it will start generating a wide range of banner designs.

Banners are generated in batches, to generate more banner variations click on the Generate more banners button at the bottom of the page.

Save your favorites banners

To save banners into your project just hover on the banner you like and click on the Bookmark button.

You can view how many banners are bookmarked and leave the generation funnel by clicking on the button Save and Exit. You will be then redirected to your working project.

If something does not feel right and you think a banner should not have been generated please click on Report banner. 
This will help our team make adjustments to our design algorithm. 😉

Note: You can make multiple content variation or format variation tot the banners you just bookmarked! Learn more about content variation or format variation.