Discover Brand Presets

Brand preset is a feature that allows you to load key elements of a brand's visual identity whenever you generate banners on the platform. It includes colors, logos, fonts, and other banner design settings.

In this article, you'll discover what is brand presets, and how to access and manage them.

What is a brand preset
Access & manage brand presets
Create your first brand preset

What is a brand preset

With Abyssale brand presets every banner is beautifully on brand!

Once you’ve set up a brand preset, it can be used for all designs you and your team generate, ensuring a consistent look.

Access and manage brand presets

To access and manage your brand presets head to your organization settings page. Then navigate to the Brand preset tab. 

To edit or delete a brand preset, click on the three dots " ..." on the right side of the brand preset you want to update.

Note: The amount of brand preset you can create and manage may vary depending on the Abyssale plan you subscribed to.

Create your first brand preset

To create your first brand preset click on the button Add new brand preset. You will be then redirected to the new brand preset parameters page. 

This page has 5 sections enabling you to define your brand preset settings according to your brand's visual identity.

Base parameters

To create a new brand preset you'll have to define a name for it, this will help you to easily recognize which preset you are using.

You can also enable this specific preset to be selected as the default to be used when you generate banners.

Brand logos

You can upload up to 4 variations of your logos. Adding multiple variations of your brand's logo will help Abyssale design algorithm to generate a wider range of banners. 

Upload recommendations:

  • Only SVG and PNG files are supported.
  • We heavily suggest you upload SVG files! This will ensure every generated banner is crisp.
  • In case you are using PNG logo files, we recommend that they have a transparent background 
  • Each file's weight should not exceed 5mb.

Brand colors

Every brand preset has to include a base color. 

This color will be used by our design algorithm to generate banners with color matching style to your brand, but also to other visual assets you could use when generating banners on the platform.

Brand font

The brand font is an optional setting you can add to your brand presets.

By defining a specific font it will force our design algorithm to only use this font and it's associated font-weight during the generation process. 

Some fonts in the list have a verified checkmark next to them, this means that our team has hand-verified this specific font to work with our design algorithm.

In case you select a font that is not yet verified, an alert will be sent to our team and we'll do our best to verify and validate it within 24h.

Note: We hand-picked a wide selection of the available Google font library for you. In case your brand is using Google fonts and your's is missing in this list, please contact our team at

Styling: Call-To-Action design

The CTA design styling is an optional setting you can add to your brand preset. To enable this setting  click on the toggle button.

It is divided into 2 categories (Button style & Button shape) enabling you to select a Call-To-Action that matches your brand visual identity.